Magazine’s content № 9 2010

Actual theme: Falsification of history

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Y.A. Nikiforov. On modern methods of falsification of the past (based on Russian history examples of 1900–30’s)

Article considers characteristic features of modern pseudo-historical issues, make examples of falsification of the past in works of 1900–30’s.

Keywords: theory and methodology of history, USSR.

A.V. Dozhdikov. Falsification of history from political scientist’ point of view

There is a political definition of «history’s falsification» in the article based on a synthesis of historical and political science.

Keywords: theory and methodology of history, USSR.

S.Y. Rychenkov. This Stalin didn’t speak

Article considers the problem of authenticity and credibility of some sources of Stalin’ citation.

Keywords: theory and methodology of history, USSR, foreign affairs.

History and Society

P.A. Putchkov. Instructive story of Bubble: South Sea Company

Article concerns the history of South Sea Company – first English great Bubble.

Keywords: Modern history, economics.

V.N. Kuznetsov. Russian proletariat in view of social-democrats in the beginning of 20th Century.

Material contains analyze of social-democrats’ view on character of working-class in Russian Empire in 1890–1910-es.

Keywords: social structure, manners, Russian Empire.

V.F. Cvetkova. To the prehistory of The First Chechen War

Author describes and analyzes the facts and events precede the military conflict of in Chechnya in 1994–96.

Keywords: Russian Federation, national relationships, domestic policy.


O.Y. Strelova. Approximate program on results of studying History

The article continues the series of materials on conceptual basis of second generation Approximate program on History. Author considers the question of results of historical education.

Keywords: standards & programs, planning.

D.A. Khitrov. Olympic tests on History

Abstract concerns characteristic features of olympic tests, its types, and skills and knowledge requires for successful pass.

Keywords: Olympic games, typology of problems.

Uniform State Exam & State Resultant Attestation

A.Y. Morozov. Historical & geographical training on early Russia history

Geographical oriented training for theme “Feudal fragmentation”.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

Z.H. Ibraghimova. General A.P. Ermolov in the Caucasus

Article represents the methods of characterization of such odious and contradictory person as A.P. Ermolov.

Keywords: Russian Empire, national relationships, person in history.

L.V. Rudenko. Modern science on the phenomenon of state-confessional relationships

The materials of the article depend on results of experts’ assessment, theoretical and methodological analysis, concerning the state-confessional relationships in Russia.

Keywords: sentience, religion, Russian Federation.

G.A. Bykovskaja, L.A. Behovykh. The woman and war

Article considers the problem of participation of women in the Great Patriotic War.

Keywords: USSR, soldiery, patriotism

In journal:

  • News of science
  • Struggle with falsification of history: useful Internet-resources (Russian).
  • Approximate thematic planning on Society.
  • Between books and magazines: Fundamental biography of Muhammad the Prophet.
  • Yevgeniy Y. Vyazemsky’ 60th Anniversary

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