Magazine’s content № 8 2010

Actual theme: Competence approach in teaching

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L.S. Sineva. Does modern Russian education need competence approach?

Abstract highlights essential parts of competence approach in teaching.

Keywords: pedagogy, education, competence.

E.V. Pryamikova Сompetence approach at social science studying: possibilities and restrictions

Article considers the main problems appears during realization of competence approach.

Keywords: society, educational activity, competence.

I.I. Erdyneeva. Development of key student’s competences in teaching of history

Article considers prerequisites of formation of key historic competences.

Keywords: pedagogy & psychology, educational activity, competence.

E.K. Kalutskay. Realization of competence approach in teaching of Right

Article concerns specific features of realization of competence approach in teaching of Right.

Keywords: law, educational activity, competence.

History and Society

S.V. Bolotov. Anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda in the foreign press on the eve of WWII.

The article contains the examples of anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda in English, French and Polish newspapers and literature in 1939–1941.

Keywords: USSR, foreign affairs, media.

А. М. Ermakov. Youth Organizations of the Nazi Germany

The article characterizes the aims and objectives of youth education in the Hitlerite Germany, analyzes aims, principles and outcomes of the Nazi youth organizations activity.

Keywords: Contemporary history, National Socialism, youth organizations.

A.A. Pechenkin. Marshal A.M. Vasilevsky – strategist of Victory

Author introduce to readers biography of marshal A.M. Vasilevsky, the prominent Soviet military commander.

Keywords: USSR, soldiery, person in history.

V.N. Tomilin. Virgin lands history without embellishment

Short historical sketch of adaptation of virgin lands in Soviet Union

Keywords: economics, USSR, virgin lands.


O.Y. Strelova. Approximately program as guideline for basic types of educational activities

Article considers the educational activities characteristics of approximately program.

Keywords: standards & programs, planning.

T.I. Pashkova. What and how studied first Russian gymnasium students.

Material contains short essay on history of gymnasium education in Russia at the beginning of 19th century and approximate tests for educational activities organization.

Keywords: manners, education, Russian Empire.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical & geographical training on early Russia history

Geographical oriented training for themes “Christianization of Kievan Rus” and “Reign of Yaroslav I the Wise”.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

E.V. Uvarova. Citizen’s involvement in political life (Society lesson for 9th form)

Methodical development of Society lesson for 9th form.

Keywords: domestic policy, society, lesson.

Young scientists’ works

A. V. Makedonsky. Historic and patriotic education in Red Army in the 1920–30-es.

This article is devoted to the problem of organization of historic and patriotic education in Red Army in the 20–30-ies of the XX century.

Keywords: USSR, domestic policy, soldiery.

G.A. Bykovskaja, E.A. Visotina, S.I. Sulimov. Treatment of the hunger in 1933 and formation of thinking of modern youth

Article considers the hunger in 1933 as a consequence of social-economic policy of the USSR in 1930-es.

Keywords: USSR, domestic policy, hunger.

I.G. Ivantsov. Emergence organs of AUCP(b) in rural regions in 1933–34

The emergence of the political departments of MTS and Sovkhozes to the contrary to the district committees of CPSU(b.) in villages in the beginning of 1930s is shown by the author of the article.

Keywords: USSR, domestic policy, Communist Party.

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