Magazine’s content № 3 2018

Actual theme: Project Activities

A.N. Ioffe, M.V. Nikitaeva. Designing in modern education: opportunities and problem areas of social projects.
The article draws attention to the place of design in modern education. Different approaches to structuring the elements of the project and the distinctive features of the project activity are shown. The criteria and indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the project activity are presented.
Keywords: design, project, research, problem, criteria, indicators.

L.V. Bychkova. Methodical project as a means of preparing a teacher of history and social studies.
The article considers the peculiarities of the methodical project as a way to increase the effectiveness of the preparation of the future teacher of social science. The fragment of the project «How to implement intersubject communications in the course of social science», developed by students, is given.
Keywords: methodical project, preparation of the teacher of history and social studies, intersubject communications, educational process.

History and Society

A.S. Bozhich. General A.M. Stoessel: details of historical portrait.
The article is devoted to General A.M. Stoessel and his role in surrender of fortress Port-Arthur.
Keywords: General A.M. Stoessel, career, war, fortress.

I.Yu. Zaya. History of sociology and prospect of development of social science.
The author of the article surveys sociology history in outline for clearing prospects of social science development. The article contains an original version of periodization of sociological history.
Keywords: social science, globalization, paradigm, structural functionalism, post-structuralism, modern project, sociological periodization.


I.P. Eremetova. Tasks for the Regional Olympiad in History for pupils of the X classes.
Variant of regional subject Olympiad on history.
Keywords: оlympic games, Ancient world, period of feudal partition, Moscovite period, Russian Empire, Soviet Union.

R.V. Pazin, I.V. Krutova. The systems approach in the formation of the skills of schoolchildren (on the example of teaching history).
The article explains the need to implement a systematic approach in the development of schoolchildren’s learning skills. The authors consider the ways of step-by-step formation of individual skills in the teaching of history.
Keywords: FSES, skills, systems approach.

O.V. Gugnina. The technology of developing critical thinking through reading and writing in history teaching.
The article discusses the practice of implementing the technology «Development of critical thinking through reading and writing» on the example of the lesson of the history of Russia, and also disclosed methodical techniques at certain stages of work — challenge, reflection and reflection.
Keywords: development of critical thinking through reading and writing, FSES, diamond, dramogermeneutics, history lesson.

O.N. Machekhina. Teaching history in a condition of digitalization.
In this article the role of information and communication technologies in training of history at high school in the ХХI century is investigated. New information and communication technologies — the Internet and multimedia, being integrated into education, will force to modify a technique of teaching and training, but in too time and will give the chance to increase quality of education and level of training of graduates.
Keywords: history, teaching, teaching, information and communication technologies, education.

A.O. Nagimova. A universal scheme for studying military conflicts in history lessons.
In this article the author gives an idea about the universal graphic expression of associative thinking in history lessons in the study of military conflicts is the rationale, why choose this pedagogical methodology, the author introduces the structure of the universal scheme, there are guidelines for subject teachers, is the routing of lessons using the generic scheme.
Keywords: universal scheme, history lesson, military conflict.

O.K. Shimanskaya, D.I. Kolesov. The Interactive games: projectinon of the past through the  present – the revolution of 1917 in Russia.
The article examines the study of the revolutionary events in 1917 in Russia in the format of the interactive historical games with the elements of historical academic competitions, in which theorganizers are students and the participants are university students as well as high school students.
Keywords: interactive games, Russian Revolution of 1917, students, schoolchildren, historical memory.

Books, journals and sites

A.S. Chernyshev. «The History of the USSR» Andrea Graziosi in the context of modern scientific knowledge.
This article deals with the monograph «History of the USSR» written by Federico II Andrea Graziosi, the Professor of History of the University of Naples. This is a detail review of Graziosi’s work in the context of modern scientific knowledge on the problem of studying the Soviet history.
Keywords: historiography, history of the Soviet Union, sovietology, USSR, kremlinology, Review.

 Young scientists’ works

D.A. Garmyshev. Why was Russia expanding to the North Caucasus?
In this article the author considers the main reasons of Russian expansion to the Caucasus. The author reviewed historians’ principal approaches to the problem and analyzed available sources.
Keywords: Caucasus, geopolitics, integration.

V.G. Faris. Specific features of building intra-community relations in the Assyrian environment of Moscow until the completion of the process of its Sovietization.
The article describes and analyzes specific features of building relations within the Assyrian diaspora in Moscow.
Keywords: аssyrian community, аssyrians of Moscow, local consciousness, identity.

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