Magazine’s content № 2 2018

Actual theme: Iintroduction of FSES

E.E. Vyazemsky, O.Yu. Strelova, E.B. Evladova. About possible ways of specifying the subject of the learning outcomes in the GEF (for example, the content of the subject «History»).
In article on the example of the content of the subject «History» discusses the possible approaches to specifying the subject of the learning outcomes in the GEF, the Authors compare and reveal the conceptual ideas of the standards of the first and second generation.
Keywords: educational subject «History», FSES, detailed learning outcomes, ways of concrete results.

History and Society

A.B. Sokolov. Difficult questions in teaching history and social studies: foreign experience.
The foreign experience of teaching controversial questions at the lessons of history and civil studies is regarded in this article. It is supposed that such topics helps to train students for the life in the democratic society, develops critical thinking and forms civil identity in the conditions of multiculturalism.
Keywords: controversial questions of history, international experience, discussion, research (disciplinary) method.

T.V. Chernikova. Western influence and policies of False Dmitry II.
The article discusses the attitude of the king-impostor False Dmitry II. to the Western influence and its conductors in Russia to foreigners.
Keywords: Troubled time, False Dmitry II, European innovations, the Western influence.

A.P. Sinelobov. Zaplechnyh master in pre-Petrine Russia: strokes to the portrait.
The article is devoted to the little-studied issues of the service of «shoulder-work of masters» (executioners) in pre-Petrine Russia; the personnel problems of this service, the place and role of executioners in the management system of the medieval Russian city are revealed.
Keywords: Pre-Petrine Russia, foreman’s shoulder-straps (executioners), Robbery order, local administration, labial elder.

A.S. Novolodskiy. Memory of the wars with the Crimea under Ivan Grozny the terrible in historical songs.
The article analyzes the historical songs of the 13th-16th centuries, in which the people’s memory of the events and heroes of the struggle against the Crimean Tatars during the reign of Ivan the Terrible was reflected.
Keywords: Crimean кhanate, Russian kingdom, Ivan Grozny, historical songs.


M.A. Ponochevny. Revitalizing antiquity: a teaching board game as an effective educational tool.
Article considers an analysis of the use of the educational table game in the history lesson. The main stages of design of the educational table game and its advantages as a modern means of educational work, control and popularization of knowledge in the arsenal of the teacher are considered.
Keywords: table game, Azov sea region, «revival of antiquities», ancient cities.

O.A. Donskaya. Developing possibilities of didactic development «History in a pocket».
The article presents the practice of «Pocket History» set in school and extracurricular Middle Ages teaching.
Keywords: Middle Ages, didactics, praxis, universal history.

Yu.V. Pershina. Peculiarities of training students for the Olympiads in history in the VII-VIII grades.
The article analyzes the features and specifics of the Olympiad assignments on history in the VII-VIII class, including the municipal stage.
Keywords: the municipal round, peculiarities of preparation for the Olympics in history in the VII-VIII grades, creative tasks.

A.G. Guskova, E.A. Solovyova. Methodical aspects of the organization and conduct of lessons and extra-curricular activities on the topic «Local self-government in the Novosibirsk region».
The article actualizes the task of civic becoming and self-identification of students by means of personally and socially significant activity — participation in local self-government.
Keywords: local self-government, civil self-identification, active civic position.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

E.N. Abdulaev, A.Yu. Morozov. The use of conditional graphic clarity in the study of the theme «The Board of Paul I».
Methodical development on the use of conditionally graphic presentation.
Keywords: conditional graphic illustration, the reign of Paul I, the historical scheme.

Young scientists’ works

V.Yu. Bochko. The development of the highest Executive power of Texas by integration processes.
This article describes the development of the governorship of Texas before the American Civil War. Author studies the working of the governors and presidents of Texas. The article has demonstrated the impact of integration processes on the development of Executive power.
Keywords: Texas, Regional history, Antebellum USA, Governor, Executive, Integration.

Yu.V. Grigorieva. The educational environment of Far Eastern schoolchildren in the late XIX — early XX century.
The article gives an overview of the sanitary and hygienic situation of schools in the Far East at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.
Keywords: hygienic norms, teacher, the Far East.

V.G. Faris. Assyrian armed groups in the Russian army and their relationship with the Assyrian Diaspora in Moscow.
The article deals with the history of the Assyrian armed formations. The author try to clear how members of Assyrian brigade at the Russian army influenced on the Moscow Assyrian Diaspora at the first half of XX th century.
Keywords: Caucasian front, First World War, Assyrian brigade, Moscow Assyrians Community.

 In Journal

  • The experience of the versification generalization of the theme «Ancient Rus in the V-XII centuries»
  • Ethnographic album «Central Russia in Z.Z. Vinogradova»

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