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Actual theme: Civic Education

A.N. Ioffe. Pedagogical vision of value aspects of civic education.
The article examines the requirements for the organization of pedagogical activity of a modern teacher in terms of value aspects of civic education, and formulates important areas of education and training that contribute to the student’s civic education.
Keywords: citizenship, civic education, value orientations.

N.F. Trufanova. Civil education at the lesson of history: methodical development «Establishment of the empire in Rome».
The author’s methodical development of the lesson reflects the requirements of the FSES for the history and can be implemented on the basis of any CMM at the teacher’s choice.
Keywords: Roman Empire, Guy Julius Caesar, Senate, dictator.

L.V. Bychkova. Formation of civic qualities of personalities studying in extracurricular and extracurricular work of the teacher of history and social studies.
Methodical development, dedicated to the formation of civil qualities of personalities trained in extra-curricular and extracurricular work with assignments.
Keywords: local community, social problem, citizen, initiative, small homeland, social participation.

History and Society

A.N. Fedorov. «Room for senses» on the history and social science lessons.
The article gives non-standard ways of meaningfulness, including author’s ones for work in history and social studies classes.
Keywords: teaching, methodology, generating sense.

O.N. Machekhina. Pedagogical models of teaching history in the context of globalization: the experience of analysis.
In the article on a broad theoretical material, a detailed analysis of the current state of teaching history in the school from the perspective of the most common models — factual and procedural. The realization of these models in the prism of theories of J. Piaget, J. Bruner, L. Vygotsky is investigated. As a result, conclusions are drawn regarding their prospects for existence in the context of globalization.
Keywords: history, teaching, school, model, globalization.

A.I. Konyuchenko. Terminological complexity and errors in regional studies.
The article raises the question of free treatment of geographical terminology both in textbooks and in the names of educational institutions.
Keywords: khoronimy, regionovedenie, Volga Region, the South Urals.


N.I. Dorozhkina. Organization of the lesson «From February to October 1917» on the basis of the exposition of the State Central Museum of Contemporary Russian History.
The article deals with the use of the museum exposition in the organization of f group search organization of a group search and research activity in the lesson.
Keywords: modern history, revolution of 1917, lesson.

R.V. Pazin. The structure of modern school historical education: contradictions and ways of their solutions.
The article is devoted to problems of school historical education. The author analyzes the new models of construction of the structure school course of the history.
Keywords: Standards and programs, planning, Federal state educational standards, linear and concentric system of school history education, Conception of the new educational and methodological complex in national history, Historic-cultural standard.

E.B. Volkov. Information and Research Project «How Moscow Became the Soviet Capital».
The project, intended for students of the IX or XI class, provides an opportunity to more closely explore different areas of Moscow and compare the scale of their transformation.
Keywords: historic and cultural standard, Soviet Russia, out-of-class learning, project.

I.E. Bobrik. Reception «Letter Portrait» in teaching history as a didactic tool.
The article presents an attempt to reveal the potential of using an alphabetic portrait in history lessons.
Keywords: alphabetic portrait, historical personalities, a cloud of words.

Uniform State Exam

F.A. Nagatsoyeva. Laboratory work as a means of preparing for OGE and EGE in history lessons.
Author’s method of organizing the preparation of students for the USE and OGE.
Keywords: laboratory work, preparation for USE, Russian-Japanese war.

Young scientists’ works

Yu.V. Grigorieva. The development of a network of teachers’ seminaries in the Far East of Russia in the second half of the XIX — early XX centuries.
The article describes the development of a network of teachers’ seminaries in the Far East of Russia in the second half of the XIX — early XX century.
Keywords: teacher’s seminary, teacher, public education, the Far East.

P.V. Kononov. Monastic servant of the Solovetsky Monastery Klementey Voron.
The article demonstrated the possibility prosopographic research method for the study of the participation of the monastery servants in the economic activity of the Solovetsky Monastery, the ability to write their «business, personal biographies» the example of the servants Klementey Voron.
Keywords: Solovetsky monastery, the monastery servants, «business biography», prosopographic research, contributions, intellectual history, personal history, the history of ideas, in-kind contribution, monetary contribution.

O.A. Kolomeitseva. The development of the industry in Semirechye at the end of the XIXth and the beginningof the XXth century in the reports of the imperial administration.
The paper focuses on the reflection of the process of development of the industry in Semirechye after the reforms of 1867-1868 and the introduction of the Steppe regulations of 1891, which contributed to the penetration an
Keywords: Semirechensk oblast, administration, reporting documentation, manufacturing industry, capitalist relations.

I.А. Potemkin. Activities of the police to monitor prisoners of war during the First World War.
The article reveals the activities of the police to monitor the prisoners of war moved to the inner provinces of the Empire during the First World War.
Keywords: the general and the political police, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of the Empire, prisoners of war, the First World War, the Police Department.

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