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Actual theme: Research activity of pupils at lessons of history and social

V.V. Blokhin. The research activity of students: from problem-based learning to research.
The article examines such forms of students research activity as referencing, presentation at the thematic conference of the school, holding informative readings.
Keywords: research work of student, problem-based learning, case conference, educational reading, educational potential of the individual.

A.N. Ioffe., M.M. Firsova. Design and research activity of schoolboys in the course of history and social.
The article deals with the relation of design and research activities. Showing their relationship and the key differences. We give examples and methodical samples for research methods in the classroom.
Keywords: design, design activity, design, design thinking, research, interviews, the problem information.

Ye.А. Kryuchkova. Main Approaches to Student Research Activity when Studying History.
The article focuses on pedagogical risks related to organization of research activity of students as well as organization forms and methods, types of student research activity when studying history.
Keywords: research teaching method, types of student research activity, methods of organization of student research activity.

History and Society

B.A. Ananchenko, V.P. Popov, V.G. Tsvetkov, D.O. Churakov. Difficult questions of the XX century Russian history.
Article reveals some aspects of the discussion of issues of modern historical scholarship and school history.
Keywords: difficult issues of Russian history, the «color revolutions», the political regime.

O.G. Malisheva. Causes, Consequences and evaluation of «perestroika» and the collapse of the USSR.
The article reveals the aspects of the causes and consequences of «perestroika» and the collapse of the USSR.
Keywords: restructuring, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the crisis of the political system.

N.D. Postnikov. The first gas attack on the Russian-German front in January 1915.
The article is devoted to the first gas attacks of German troops on the Russian army positions during the First World War in January 1915.
Keywords: chemical weapons, poisons, ksililbromid, Humin, Wolya Shidlowskaya.

S.N. Rudnik. General compulsory military service in the Russian Empire during the post-reform period or how military appeal took place in the 1870-1890?
The general compulsory military service was entered in Russia in 1874. Article is devoted to the insufficiently explored subject. The author reveals the features of the new charter and shows how the recruits calling went in post-reform time.
Keywords: compulsory military service, charter, recruits, draft site, the draw, exemption.

A.V. Fateev. Civil society model in the theoretical heritage of Russian liberalism 1907–1917 years.
The article deals with the socio-political issues in civil society building activities of Russian liberals 1907–1917 years.
Keywords: the rule of law; civil society; liberal parties; human rights.

I.V. Griban, K.A. Antropov. «Winter War» on the pages of school textbooks of history in modern Russia: the evolution of approaches.
The article features coverage of events of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 on the pages of Russian history textbooks published in the end of XX — beginning of XXI century.
Keywords: World war II, a modern history textbook, the soviet-finnish war, «The Winter war», historical memory, Federal state educational standard, historical and cultural standard.

M.V. Moiseev. «History, armed with a shovel» — interactive and educational tour of the Museum of Archaeology of Moscow.
The article is devoted to consideration of experience of conducting interactive and educational fun in the structural division of the Moscow Museum — Museum of archeology of Moscow. The author examines the meaning of the term «interactivity» and offers his insight as part of the educational activities of the Museum.
Keywords: interactivity, interactive sessions, excursion.


O.V. Gugnina. Updating of knowledge and reflection as the stages of modern social science lessons in terms of the FSES.
The article deals with methodological techniques of actualization of knowledge and reflection on the lessons of social science, such as dramatization, play, cinquain, diamond, specific examples the author shows that successful learning process helps students master the organization of the learning process.
Keywords: actualization of knowledge, reflection, GEF, dramatization, play, cinquain, diamond, social studies lesson.

T.V. Sharmanova. Formation of a stable interest and attention to the lessons of history through the perception of sound information.
The article is devoted to the formation of a history lesson of positive emotional background. The author presents the psychological characteristics of people with different types of perception of information, the examples shows how to use the audio — literary and musical works.
Keywords: the lesson of history, emotional background, audio.

E.N. Abdulaev. Organization of educational activity in the process of generalizing training-practical aspect.
The article discusses the requirements that should match effectively summarizing a running job and provides a methodical development of this kind of job.
Keywords: organization of training activities, summarizing the job, «The tale of bygone years».

E.N. Belsky. Proceedings of the Civil war in Russia.
Methodical material assignments and schemes.
Keywords: The civil war, job schemes.

Young scientists’ works

A.N. Permiakova. «Forfeit possessions» and a public auction in the first half of the XVIII century: How confiscated property was sold in Russia.
This article discusses the problem of confiscated property realization by the state during the political processes of the first half of the XVIII century. The stages of property preparation before it was put up for auction and its specific aspects were also highlighted in this article.
Keywords: XVIII century Russia, the Chancellery of the confiscation, a public auction, property, confiscation.

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