Magazine’s content № 4 2016

Actual theme: By the anniversary of the Great Victory

A.V. Isaev. War and politics: mutual influence and conflict. In the examples of operations on the Soviet-German front in 1944-1945.
The article explores the real and imaginary political decisions that influenced the military action during Proskurov-Chernivtsi and Berlin operations, the Warsaw Uprising and the first Soviet attack on Budapest.
Keywords: Great Patriotic war, G. Zhukov, R. Malinovsky, Warsaw uprising, Budapest, 1944.

V.N. Zamulin. What happened in Prokhorovka July 12, 1943?
The article is devoted to the fighting troops of the 5th guards tank army participated in the attack on July 12, 1943 South-West of Prokhorovka station, the causes of failure and their losses in manpower and equipment.
Keywords: counterstrike, Prokhorovka, the losses, the battle of Kursk, tanks.

Y.A. Nikiforov, O.V. Sdvizhkov. «About what happened …» Diary of Vladimir Gelfand.
The Subject of mass «excesses» of Soviet troops in Germany in 1945, remains a popular topic in the Western mass media. The lack of factual material, often forces their authors to completely distort the content of the sources, as it was done with the Diary of a Soviet officer V. Gelfand by BBC author.
Keywords: Vladimir Gelfand, Eastern front, the liberation of Germany, the occupation, the women’s battalion, the conduct of military personnel.

History and Society

E.Y. Oborsky. Revolution of 1917 in the North Caucasus: facts, trends, historiographical problems.
The article describes the regional characteristics of the Revolution of 1917 in the North Caucasus. Analyzed some historiographical problems of these crucial events on the nationwide and regional level.
Keywords: revolution of 1917, North Caucasus, historiography, information society, townspeople, soldiers.

V.G. Petrovich. A Pyrrhic victory of Viktor Chernov.
The article is devoted to the life and work of the leader of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, Chairman of the Russian Constituent Assembly V.M. Chernoff.
Keywords: Victor Chernov, the Party of socialists-revolutionaries, the Constituent assembly.


O.N. Shaparina. Game elements on the lessons of national history as a way of realization of systemic-activity approach in education.
The article considers the role of game elements in history lessons in VI-IX kl. students in the learning process. Proposed by the author fragments lessons are a generalization of almost twenty years of experience working as a history teacher.
Keywords: game, personal, substantive, and a meta-competence, school history education, teaching of history.

N.I. Shevchenko. Standardization history education.
The article is devoted to the standardization of history education. The reasons of occurrence of standard history. Examines and substantiates the link between standards of General education and the history of Russia. Noted the novelty of the standard on the history of Russia, especially of new lines of the history books.
Keywords: the standard history of Russia, the standard of General education, identity, identification, educational outcomes.

R.V. Funk. Methodical aspects of realization of elective courses on History in the context of profile education.
Article is devoted to the methodical aspects of realization of elective courses on History in the context of profile education in high school. As an example, the methods of teaching an elective course «The history of the representative branch of power in Russia». Based on the results of the pedagogical experiment suggested guidelines for lessons on this course.
Keywords: pedagogical experiment, profile education, elective courses, history.

Uniform State Exam

R.V. Pazin. Exam on social science: the continuation of the debate.
The article explains the legal norms and methodological provisions that regulate the activity of the teacher of history in the school.
Keywords: standards and programs, Federal state educational standards, Historic-cultural standard.

A.Y. Morozov. Preparation for the exam tasks in world history (the end).
Training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Young scientists’ works

S.G. Kulikova. National education in social projects of zemtsy-conservative of the second half of XIX — the beginnings of the XX century.
In article projects of zemtsy-conservative in the sphere of national education are considered. The author comes to a conclusion: zemtsy-conservative considered national education as a way of an intensification of agricultural industry and a necessary condition of social integration of society.
Keywords: zemtsy-conservative, parish schools, territorial schools.

K.P. Ershov. Four periods of the evolution of social and political Angelica Balabanova’s outlook.
In this article analyzes the major milestones of the evolution of social and political outlook of Russian socialist Angelica Balabanova.
Keywords: world revolutionary movement, the Russian Revolution, Angelica Balabanova, the Communist International.

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