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Actual theme: The transition to the new structure of history education

E.E. Vyazemsky, T.V. Bolotina. Recommendations on the transition to the new structure of history education.
The article deals with the problems of transition to a new training complex and the structure of the new historical education.
Keywords: concentric and linear structure, history education in schools.

History and Society

D.I. Oleynikov. «Barclay, winter il Russian God?» Controversial issues of the studied subject.
The article reflects the events of the war of 1812, which historians still have no consensus of historians.
Keywords: Patriotic War of 1812, Russian Empire.

I.Y. Zaya. Ancient philosophy through the prism of the crisis of modern social-humanitarian knowledge.
The article is devoted to the history of Ancient Greek philosophy. The author tried to mark its importance for comprehension contemporary discussions on the destiny of social science.
Keywords: hedonism, gnoseology, logic, ontology, sensationalism, skepticism, relativism, esthetics, ethics.

O.S. Klishina. Teaching an integrated module of the course «Basics of religious cultures and secular ethics»: the problem of teacher training.
The article is devoted to modern school needs to accept system and activity approach for training according Federal state standard of the Primary general education.
Keywords: spiritual and moral education, bases of religious culture and secular ethics, pedagogical technologies.

N.P. Hlopkova, E.A. Shatsilo. Outings as a demonstration of the active nature of the defense of Sevastopol.
The material is devoted to the method of active defense of Sevastopol — raids on enemy positions.
Keywords: bastion, battery, outing, lunette, redoubt, trench.


I.L. Andreev, I.N. Fedorov. Vasily III and his time. Content and teaching methods in the textbooks of grade VII.
The article assesses the reign of Vasily III under the new historical and cultural standards. Examples of the new line of books of publishing house «Drofa».
Keywords: Ivan III, Vasily III, an inheritance, a single state.

H.E. Shaparina. Pedagogical practice of students in the implementation of the new requirements of the GEF.
The article analyzes the problems related to the preparation of students for teaching practice.
Keywords: teaching practice, professional competence, Federal state educational standard.

D.V. Shmuratko. Do we need school museums in Russia today? An analysis of government programs and policies.
The article introduces the basic content of state program and strategic documents of the Russian Federation in the field of education and youth policy. The possibility of stated in the documents goals and objectives achieving by the school museum is reviewed.
Keywords: school museum, government programs and strategies, modernization of the education system.

E.A. Kryuchkova. Work with written historical sources in the course of history of the Ancient World in V class.
The article looks at ways to select, structural elements and types of work with written historical sources in 5th grade. Special attention is devoted to meta-subject skills. Examples are cited.
Keywords: written historical sources, subject skills, general logic skills, meta-subject skills.

Uniform State Exam

O.V. Vorobyova, A.A. Domahin. Problematic issues methodical preparation for the writing of historical essays in the format of the exam.
This article deals with the problem of preparation for the writing of essays on the history of Russia in the format of a single state exam. As a result, the authors propose a private structure of historical works based on the use of problem teaching method in history lessons.
Keywords: an essay on the history of Russia, Russian state social science exam, the technology of the problem training.

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training on changes in the western and north-western borders of Russia.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

A.V. Zimin. Methodical development of the elective course on labor law in X-XI classes (end).
The article presents methodical development of the elective course on the right.
Keywords: labor law, conflict, brainstorm, labor disputes.

A.A. Korepanov. Foreign policy of Ivan IV (the lesson of history in the VI class).
Methodical material on the foreign policy of Ivan IV.
Keywords: Ivan IV, foreign policy, Siberia, Ermak.

Young scientists’ works

O.S. Abramkin. «Historia magistra vitae est»: a reflection of the history of Russian literature in the school of pre-revolutionary Russia.
The article is devoted to the comparative characteristics of teaching materials on Russian history of XVIII — early XX century, reflecting the state’s approach to the representation of the history of Russia, as well as their role in the historic mass public consciousness.
Keywords: history of Russia, school books about the history of Russia XVIII – beginning of XX century, ideology, state concept of Russian history, social historical consciousness, Russian society and state authority.

M.V. Semikolenov. On the issue of resettlement of peasants to Siberia in the second half of the XIX century.
The article deals with the submission of resettlement of peasants to Siberia in the second half of the XIX century.
Keywords: peasants, Siberia, resettlement , climatic conditions , government, walkers.

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