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Actual theme: The development strategy of education in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025 and its implementation

E.Е. Vyazemskiy, Е.B. Evladova. History Teacher Education Development Strategy in the Russian Federation until 2025 and pedagogical approaches to its implementation.
The article deals with social demand for education development strategy in the Russian Federation are determined by the goal and objectives, content strategy, priorities and objectives of education in modern Russia.
Keywords: state policy in the sphere of education, education development strategy, an action plan to implement the strategy, priorities and objectives of education, the main directions of development of education.

History and Society

A.B. Ananchenko, V.P. Popov, V.Zh. Tsvetkov, D.O. Churakov. Problems of Soviet history should unite and educate.
The article is devoted to some controversial issues of the pre-war history of the USSR, which are considered not only as a science but as a problem of the content of national identity and unity of values and meanings.
Keywords: revolution, the Great Russian revolution, political revolution, political upheaval, «conspiracy theory», «elite theory», conspirology, historical consciousness, historical educate, political repression, violence in the history, the Soviet-German non-aggression pact in 1939, national and collective security.

E.I. Schulepnikova. Why historical records do not come up to us.
Many valuable historical records do not come up to us. Why does it happen? Under what circumstances could they be lost? The aim of the present article is to answer these questions.
Keywords: records, the problem of safekeeping, the history of archivistics.

L.V. Klimova.  Institute of General governance in the Russian Empire.
The article is devoted to the institution of governor-general in the Russian Empire, which remained the principal organ of local government in the Russian Empire until the Revolution of 1917.
Keywords: autocracy, the general government, institute of government, local control.


R.V. Pazin. Methodical support of activity of the teacher of history in the transition to the FSES and the introduction of a historical and cultural standard.
The article explains the legal norms and methodological provisions that regulate the activity of the teacher of history in the school.
Keywords: standards and programs, Federal state educational standards, Historic-cultural standard.

O.T. Koveshnikova, E.A. Ermakova. Methodical way of formation of mapping skills in lessons of Russian history in the VII class.
Article is devoted to a problem of formation of cartographical abilities at pupils of the VII class at history lessons. In article results of the analysis of textbooks and a workbook on stories for the VII class on a problem of formation of cartographical abilities of pupils are offered.
Keywords: lesson, educational activity, cartographical abilities, textbooks of history for the VII class.

T.G. Osipova. The lesson on the history of X-class based on the methodology of multi-level analysis of the source.
In the article proposes a variant of the lesson based on the work with historical source for the implementation of an integrated approach in studying the Decree of tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.
Keywords: multi-level analysis, istrichesky source interdisciplinary communication, associative thinking.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in Russia in the international public organizations.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

Y.I. Belyankova. Social science essays common mistakes and how to overcome them.
This article summarizes the experience gained from teaching pupils Social studies essay writing and checking tasks of the Unified State Exam in Social studies. The author considers the common mistakes in essay writing and offers the ways of how to avoid them.
Keywords: social studies, Uniform State Exam, teaching, essay.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

A.V. Zimin. Methodical development of the elective course on labor law in X-XI classes.
The article presents methodical development of the elective course on the right.
Keywords: labor law, conflict, brainstorm, labor disputes.

Young scientists’ works

M.A. Bordakov. The dynamics of censorship traditions in Russian history.
In the present article attempts to describe the evolution of the phenomenon of censorship in different periods of Russian history.
Keywords: censorship, self-censorship, periodicals, political regime.

E.A. Detinina. The impact of the decree of August 6, 1809 at the educational level of the officials of Orenburg Province.
In this article the educational level of provincial officials in the first half of the XIX eyelid on the example of the Orenburg province is characterized.
Keywords: education, collegiate assessor, official list, career, sciences.

I.V. Povod. The development of education among Muslim secular Kasimov Tatars in the beginning of XX century.
The author examines the process of emergence and development of the system of secular education among Kasimov Tatars in the beginning of XX century. The article presents the characteristics and problems of the confessional education Kasimov Tatars.
Keywords: islam, kasimov tatars mektebe, madrasas, sound technique, confessional education, secular education, integration.

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