Magazine’s content № 4 2013

Actual theme: History of Russia and the world — the traditions and innovations

V.I. Ukolova.
Russian statehood in the context of European history.
Material is devoted to the Russian state and its transformation from the beginning to the present.

Keywords: russian statehood, Kulikovo battle, Alexander Nevsky.

L.N. Aleksashkina.
On the philosophical and cognitive potential school course of world history.
The author analyzes the ideological and cognitive capacities school course of world history.

Keywords: national and world history, cognitive activity of students.


History and Society

T.V. Chernikova.
Russian media and Russian mail in XVII century.
The article is devoted  to an examination of the history of the fist Russian magazine and the Post (Russia — West Europe).

Keywords: Russia XVII-th sentury., the first Russian magazine, «Courant», post.


S.V. Lagutova, T.V. Kazantsevа.
Patriotic education of primary school children.
The authors propose to develop a methodical patriotic education elementary school students.

Keywords: patriotic education of students, heraldry, national symbols.

E.A. Chekmeneva.
Battle for Moscow. The lesson in the 8th grade.
The article discusses the origins of the victory at Moscow in 1941. Given methodological developments.

Keywords: Peremilovskie height, GK Zhukov, the Battle of Moscow.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov.

History and Geography training on Russian foreign policy under Alexander II and Alexander III.
Geographically oriented training to prepare for the Uniform State Exam and the GIA.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

A.V. Simora.
Tasks in the exam format to prepare for the exam and thematic-ray control in the classroom.
The paper offered by a job (B8-B11) for cartographic materials to prepare students for exam.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, test, history, historical map.

R.V. Pazin.
Critical analysis of the recommendations FIPI review expert of the history with the Uniform State Exam in 2013.
In the article considered the problems of applying the recommendations FIPI review expert part C Uniform State Exam in history.

Keywords: test, Uniform State Exam, methodic recommendations, FIPI, high school.

Y.V. Solovyov.
Analysis of materials for experts Uniform State Exam. Letter to the editor.
In a letter to the author critically examines textbook KIM Uniform State Exam released FIPI.

Keywords: Uniform State Exam, guidelines, experts.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

Y.V. Chukhontseva.
1612. Saviors of the fatherland. Developing lesson.
The author offers a unique training model of «Challenge — understanding — resolution».

Keywords: Moscovite period, educational activity.


Young scientists’ works

F.M. Arifullin.
The Great War of 1914-1918. and the February Revolution of 1917 in Petrograd.
In the article examines the impact of the First World War on the development of a revolutionary situation in Petrograd and the overthrow of the autocracy based on the works of contemporaries: the historian S.P. Melgunov and historian of the State Duma and leader P.N. Miliukov.

Keywords: historian S.P. Melgunov, First world War, historian and activist Duma P.N. Miliukov revolutionary situation in Petrograd, the power crisis, changing socio-political system.

A.G. Tereshchenko.
Pedagogical aspects of the formation of the military-political education officers in 1918-1941.
The author conducts research finding different approaches approaches to training and education in a military school during the rise of internal and external security threats of the Soviet state. It was essential for the creation of efficient army, the training of military soldiers and officers on the basis of the correct military and political doctrine in the soviet Army.

Keywords: system of officer personnel preparation, military teaching and training, military political education.

E.V. Gordon.
The activities of the underground organizations in Altai province during the civil war of 1918-1920.
The author analyzes the work and activities of the underground organizations in 1918-1920. Shows what contributed to the defeat of Kolchak’s troops partisans Altai province.

Keywords: Сivil war, underground organizations, revolutionary work, the insurgency, terror.


In Journal

  • History in the people. Time and contemporaries. Antiquity and the Middle Ages. A book for students
  • Check your knowledge easily! (Gauging Materials publisher «Waco»)


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