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Annotation #1, 2010

Actual theme: Tolerance

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T.V. Bolotina. Tolerance in modern Russian education
Article concerns the upbringing of tolerance in case of modern Russian school education, and organization of elective course “Tolerance”.
Key words: tolerance, training, education.

M.G. Tsyrenova. The formation of interethnic tolerance in multicultural society

Article considers the problem of formation of the interethnic tolerance, gives recommendations for integrating this theme into the school history course.

Key words: tolerance, ethnic relations, multicultural society.

A.N. Ioffe. “The manifest of peaceful coexistence” (role-playing game on tolerance)

Methodical development provides organization of role-playing game on tolerance.

Key words: tolerance, role-playing game.

O.Y. Strelova. Didactic game “Global Village”

Author shares her own experience of organization of game helps to form some the basics elements of tolerance.

Key words: didactic game, multicultural education.

T.S. Polonova. Tolerance (Society lesson for 8th form)

Methodical development provides organization of lesson on tolerance (Society) for 8th form.

Key words: tolerance, intolerant.

I.V. Svetlichnaya. Research-type lesson “Auschwitz yesterday, today and, maybe, tomorrow?”

Methodical development provides organization of research-type lesson in school history course (9th or 11th forms)

Key words: tolerance, Holocaust.

A.Y. Morozov. Remarks on national traditions of tolerance upbringing

Thoughts on immanence of tolerance for Russian culture, based upon poetry and non-fiction (scientific) prose.

Key words: tolerance, national traditions.

History and Society

V.B. Stolov. History of Russian navy (sailing fleet)

Abstract concerns the history of Russian navy (sailing fleet) in 18–19 c.

Key words: navy, sailing fleet.

M.G. Bulavinceva. Russo–Japanese relations and pedagogical resources of theme “Border”

This material considers the problem of study of bilateral relations and border questions (on the example of Russo–Japanese relations)

Key words: Russian-Japanese relations, the boundary.


S.A. Babkin. Formation of multiparty system in early 20th Century Russia

Methodical development provides organization of discussion-type lesson in school history course (9th or 11th forms)

Keywords: multiparty system, the class-discussion.

Uniform State Exam

S.A. Fomin. Schemes and tests on history of gathering of Russian lands around Moscow in 15th Century.

This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Integral testing. Authors develop the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.

Key words: scheme, symbols, centralization.

Today in magazine – Tomorrow in class

G.F. Urazaeva. The Rights of the Child (Society lesson for 6th form)

Methodical development provides organization of lesson on the Rights of the Child (Society) for 6th form.

Key words: law, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Young scientists’ works

K.A. Masin. Migrations of Nogai

The article looks into the Nogai of the XVIII century, and analyses the reasons for and the scale of their migration into the Crimean Khanate and, after the Crimea joins Russia, into the Ottoman Empire.

Key words: the Nogai Horde, emigration, re-emigration, the Crimean Khanate, the Russian Empire, the Ottoman Empire.

E.M. Chedurova. Origin of co-operation in Russia

The article is devoted pre-revolution co-operation which was not only the effective mechanism of adjusting of market relations but also one of facilities of perfection of forms of agricultural production.

Keywords: co-operation, cooperative stores, agrarian policy, co-operative motion, buttermaking artels, credit co-operation.

N.N. Bilim. International Red Aid (MOPR) and international education of Soviet youth in 1922–1941

The manuscript studies the problems of international education of Soviet youth in 1920–1940 years. All activity in this sphere was based on the theoretical concepts of proletarian internationalism. International Red Aid (also known as MOPR) activity in international education produced good results.

Keywords: international education, youth, komsomol, proletarian internationalism.

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