Magazine’s content № 10 2011

Actual theme: «Competition in history and culture of Korea»

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I.A. Korgun
Economic Transformation of the Republic of Korea in the context of the experience of newly industrialized countries
The article presents the Republic of Korea, as the flagship of the Asian region.

History and Society

A.V. Kuznetsov
«The honor of a madman» (Henri Saint-Simon and Gracchus Babeuf: a comparative life story)
Material is devoted to biography of Henri Saint-Simon and Gracchus Babeuf.

P.V. Tuchin
Rock culture and political life of Russia in 1990s – the beginning of the 21th century
The article is devoted to the history of Russian rock culture of the 90-s and early 2000th.


T.V. Sharmanova
The development of speech on the lessons of history
The article describes the formation of the communicative competence of students in history classes. We present methods, techniques, and targets for the development of speech.

S.J. Baych
Mystery of the death of Tsarevich Dmitri (class-seminar)
The author considers the hypothesis of the death of Tsarevich Dmitry.

O.N. Gugnina
Social interaction (the social studies lesson in class XI)
Material is devoted to social adaptation of schoolchildren.

N.I. Tkach
The method of structuring educational material as the basis for successful learning
Article is devoted to methods of teaching material strukturizitsii to help teachers of history.

N.B. Potapova
Kolyma will be in ourmemory forever
Out-of-class learning is dedicated to the memory of repressions policy victims inKolyma.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov
Historical and geographical training in the era of Peter the Great
Geographically-oriented training in history.

E.V. Kipriyanova, T.V. Yakubovskaya

Teaching law in the light of the exam
The authors give an estimate of the teaching of law in preparation for the exam.

Young scientists’ works

A.V. Kalachev
The investment of M.V. Lomonosov in democratic native education
The article deals withthecontributionof M.V.Lomonosov inthe democratization ofthe educational process.

A.A. Silayeva
Russian liberalism and the national question
This article provides an assessment of Russian liberalism in light of the national question.

A.A. Sidelnikov
The socio-cultural regulation in modern society as the basis for the formation of historical consciousness
The author compares the socio-cultural and historical consciousness of the regulation.

A.S. Tynovsky
Italian right-wing: the inner-flow in the «National Alliance» (1994–2009)
The author gives an estimate of a multiparty system in Italy at the present time.

In Journal

  • Fourth Workshop on Korean studies for Russian teachers;
  • Regulation of the competition classes and extra-curricular development, dedicated to the history and culture of Korea;
  • Reference materials on Korean history and culture to help bidders;
  • Science News.

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