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Actual theme: Formation of Civic Identity

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Е.Е. Vyazemsky Formation of civic identity students in a multicultural society.
Material is devoted to the education of civic identity in school.
Keywords: education, pedagogy & psychology, upbringing.

E.P. Kazanova . Approaches to cultivating Russian identity at history lessons at senior school.
The article is devoted to the problems of cultivating Russian identity at history lessons at senior school using as an example the lesson-discussion.
Keywords: educational activity, lesson, upbringing.

O.F. Kozyreva. Using metapredmetnoy technology in shaping civic identity.
Author shares experience of civic education students in the school with metapredmetnoy technology.
Keywords: educational activity, lesson, upbringing.

History and Society

A.V. Belov. Reform of Catherine II and the Russian city: the population of the policemen and ordinary citizens.
Material focuses on the urban reform of the XVIIIth century.
Keywords: Russian Empire, social structure, reform.

N.S. Ivanov. «New course» of Stalin’s politics in the middle of the 1930th.
The article explores how in the conditions of social tensity in the society in the middle of the 1930th the authorities started using some Russian social traditions in order to make Stalin’s regime stronger.
Keywords: USSR, domestic policy, manners.


Z.F. Mubinova. Ethnonational education in the teaching of social studies.
Material devoted to an analysis of textbooks and teaching aids for consideration by the ethnonational perspective.
Keywords: ethnos & national relationships, society, textbooks.

T.A. Chelnokova. Method of synectics in teaching of history and sociology.
The article gives the general characteristics and description of method of synectics in teaching of history and sociology. The author presents the examples of tasks, fragments of lessons, constructed based on this method.
Keywords: educational activity, lesson, interdisciplinary connections.

O.M. Khlytina. Works of art as visual historical sources and historiographic texts at school lessons of history.
The author proposes three strategies of studying the history of painting, sculpture and cinema in modern school courses of history. The strategies are: a) reconstruction of the images of the past with the help of arts; b) studying works of art in their cultural historical context; c) critical analysis of works of art as sources of historical information.
Keywords: educational activity, lesson, demonstrativeness.

N.I. Dorozhkina. Star day of Earth (lesson-game for a student the IX cl.).
Methodical development of lesson-game is in IX cl. on the topic «Development of science in the USSR in 1960th». Material contains task to the 50year of the first in history of humanity flight in space.
Keywords: USSR, science & technique, игровые формы.

Uniform State Exam

A.Y. Morozov. Historical and geographical training in foreign policy of Ivan III and Ivan IV.
Geographically-oriented training on the foreign policy of Ivan III and Ivan IV.
Keywords: Uniform State Exam, interdisciplinary connections.

S.A. Fomin. Schemes and targets for movement and the revolt of the Decembrists in preparation for part C of Uniform State Exam.
This methodical development targets on training of pupils for part C of Uniform State Exam. Author develops the model of training based on schemes with short text comments.
Key words: scheme, symbols, Russian Empire, Uniform State Exam.

V.V. Aksenova. C8 job at compiling detailed plan of response to social science.
Methodical preparation for solving tasks of the social studies C8.
Key words: society, Uniform State Exam.

Young scientists’ works

N.A. Kalyuzhnaya. The social security of citizens in the first decades of Soviet power
The main attention is paid to investigation of system of social security dependence upon distribution and consumption system in social and political conditions and in context of Marxist-Leninist ideology.
Keywords: USSR, social structure, domestic policy, social insurance.

O.A. Zakirov.
«Now we have already established, not to make a historical paintings».
The author gives an historical feature film as one of the most important genres in the period, 1930–1940 period.
Keywords: USSR, sentience, cinema.

V.V. Kalinov. Formation of a national innovation system in Russia at the beginning of the XXI century.
The article identified the major areas of strengths and weaknesses of contemporary Russian innovation policy.
Keywords: Russian Federation, Contemporary history, domestic policy, economics.

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  • Useful didactic poem on the history of the Ancient World.
  • News of Science

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