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E.N. Belsky. Training on the history of 20th century for State Resultant Attestation in new form for 9th form.

In article presents the conception of training for State Resultant Attestation for 9th form (with examples).

N.F. Kritckaya. Tests on Society in the system of training for State Resultant Attestation.

A.Y. Morozov. Historical & geographical training on history of Russian lands in 12th – early 13th centuries.

Geographically oriented training on the history of Russian lands in times of Feudal fragmentation.

V.P. Kiselyov. Training for Uniform State Exam on Society: an experience.

Author shares experience of training for Uniform State Exam on Society.

O.V. Gugnina. Training for essay on Society.

Abstract contains practical recommendations for training for essay on Society.

V.B. Perkhavko. Epic heroes and their prototypes.

Article considers the problem of correlation between bylina (Russian heroic epic) and historical reality and undertakes effort of exposing prototypes of main epic heroes.

P.A. Gnezdilova. To the question of civic qualities.

In the article generalized and systematized the impressions about civic qualities in different historical epochs and from the position of different research ways made the model of the process of civic qualities formation.

Alek D. Epstein. Historical policy and historical education: look n Russian experience from the inside but from the side.

Author brings up the question of co-existence of different historical narratives and marks the danger of reducing them to the only one «truth» variant.

A.B. Izumsky. Soviet Union participation in WWII and Great Patriotic War in modern school textbooks.

Author analyzes presentations of the Great Patriotic War and role of Soviet Union in WWII as it presents in some modern school textbooks.

A.V. Kustova. Flourish of Kievan Rus under Yaroslav the Wise (lesson developing education form 10th form).

Methodical development designed in case of developing education (lesson for 10th form).

V.A. Kornev. The Russian Orthodox Church and the State. Development of the relationship between the ten centuries.

The article dwells on the analysis of the development of the relationships between the church and the state in Russia from the Christianization up to the beginning of the XXI century.

A.V. Matveev. Conservative direction in Russian historiography and N.K. Shilder.

The author analyses the range of basic views on the historiosophy of conservatism, existing in contemporary historiography.

L.V. Silina. M.A. Suslov and his political surroundings in contemporary memoirs and historical investigations.

Article generalizes available facts and the evaluations of the chief ideologist of Communist Party activity on the basis of memoirs, diaries and scientific research of prominent historian an attempt was made.

S.A. Kuvaldin. Policy of Polish communist authorities and opposition in the summer of 1989.

The article is dedicated to the problem of the conception of «big coalition» and its influence on the political moves of communist authorities and opposition in Poland after parliamentary election in June 1989.

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—       Pornography in school: review on books by V.B. Mironov;

—       Sakhalin history with author of school history textbooks;

—       Outstanding manager of Russian education: 100th Anniversary of M.A. Prokofiev;

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